Carolyn Crayton Park

The Round Building

Since the start of Macon Georgia’s International Cherry Blossom Festival, the Festival has created an art print or a poster to commemorate that year’s festivities. This year, all prints will be showcased in the Round Building at Carolyn Crayton Park, thanks to Mike Kaplan. Mr. Kaplan has sponsored the Art Program for the past 39 years. As the presenting sponsor of the program, he received the first print of each year’s commemorative poster or art print. He has kindly donated the prints back to the Festival so our guests can enjoy the visual history of the Cherry Blossom Festival.

As you enjoy the 39 years of Festival artwork, make sure you visit the Cherry Blossom Gift Shop also located in the Round Building at Carolyn Crayton Park. From t-shirts, mugs, pins, posters and more, we offer a variety Cherry Blossom Festival Souvenirs. You can also purchase these items directly from our website. Visit our Gift Shop online HERE.

Cherry Blossom Art Through the Years

Art has been donated courtesy of Mike Kaplan