Dr. Ivan Allen

Board Chair

President of Central Georgia Technical College
In 2005, Dr. Ivan H. Allen was selected to serve as president of Middle Georgia Technical College in Warner Robins, Georgia. In July 2013, Middle Georgia Technical College and Central Georgia Technical College in Macon and Milledgeville consolidated to form the new Central Georgia Technical College, where Dr. Allen continues to serve as the president of the institution.

Elizabeth Cleveland

Festival Chair

Elizabeth is a 5th grade math teacher at Stratford Academy and a community volunteer. She is originally from Dallas, Texas, graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South, and received her MBA from the University of Dallas. Elizabeth has lived in Macon for almost 26 years and has served as the President of the Junior League of Macon and as a board member of The Children’s Hospital Community Board. She is married to Macon native, Bobby and is the mother of two grown sons.

Carolyn Crayton*


Alex Habersham*

Past Chair
Habersham Enterprises

Ivan Allen*

2021-2022 Board Chair
Central Georgia Technical College

Elizabeth Cleveland*

2021-2022 Festival Chair
Stratford Academy

Kenny Burgamy*

Incoming Festival Chair
Georgia Farm Bureau

Stacy Moore*

President & CEO

Karla Redding- Andrews*

Otis Redding Foundation

Paul Hart*

R.A. Bowen Trust

Bill Fickling III*

Fickling Family

Don Bailey*

Chairman’s Club Chair
Graphic Resource

Tonya McClure

Central Georgia Technical College

Dr. Jimmy Asbell

Vineville Methodist Church

Jean Bragg

Travis Jean Emporium

Steven Fulbright

Visit Macon

Patty Gibbs

Natasha Christian

Macon Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

Gregory Brown

Macon-Bibb Planning & Zoning

Chrissy Miner

The Miner Agency

Ember Bishop- Bentley

Middle Georgia State University

Mary Bowman- Hampton

Cox Communications

Chris Floore

Macon-Bibb Communications

Yash Patel

Macon Beer Co.

Kenna Scragg

ICB Construction Group

Cassandra Cox

Georgia Power

Jessica Cork


*Designates Executive Committee


Stacy Moore

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Chairman’s Club

Charles A. Jay
1982-1983: KMBBC Chair
1990-1991: CBF Chair
1994-1995: Festival Chair

William P. Simmons*
1982-1983: Festival Chair

Harold C. Weathers*
1983-1984: KMBBC Chair
1984-1985: KMBBC Chair
1991-1992: CBF Chair

William O. Faulkner
1983-1984: Festival Chair

Dr. Kirby Godsey
1984-1985: Festival Chair

J. Alan Neal*
1985-1986: KMBBC Chair
1986-1987: KMBBC Chair

Dr. Robert K. Ackerman
1985-1986: Festival Chair

Dr. S. Aaron Hyatt
1986-1987: Festival Chair

Marion Byrd
1987-1989: KMBCC Chair

Buckner F. Melton
1987-1988: Festival Chair

Carr G. Dodson
1988-1989: Festival Chair

Thomas H. Faulk*
1989-1990: CBF Board Chair

A.P. “Buster” Barry
1989-1990: Festival Chair

Vernon Colbert
1990-1991: Festival Chair

Guy B. Eberhardt
1991-1992: Festival Chair
1992-1993: Festival Chair
1994-1995: CBF Board Chair

William T. “Bill” Wiley
1992-1993: Board Chair
1999-2000: Festival Chair

Emily P. Myers
1993-1994: CBF Board Chair

Melvin I. Kruger
1993-1994: Festival Chair

Bill Forget*
1995-1996: CBF Board Chair
1996-1997: Festival Chair
1997-1998: CBF Board Chair

Roy H. Fickling
1995-1996: Festival Chair
1998-1999: CBF Board Chair

Dr. John O’Shaughnessey
1997-1998: Festival Chair
1998-1999: CBF Board Chair

Donald K. Miller
1998-1999: Festival Chair
1999-2000: CBF Board Chair

Mark A. Stevens
2000-2001: CBF Board Chair
2001-2002: CBF Board Chair

Eddie Pruett*
2000-2001: Festival Chair
2001- 2022: CBF Board Chair
2004-2005: Festival Chair

William A. “Bill” Fickling II
2002-2003: CBF Board Chair
2003-2004: Festival Chair

Reverand Ronald E. Terry*
2002-2003: Festival Chair
2003-2004: Festival Chair

Paul Leath
2004-2005: CBF Board Chair

Steve Jukes
2005-2006: CBF Board Chair
2008-2009: CBF Board Chair
2009-2010: Festival Chair

Chip Cherry Jr.
2005-2006: Festival Chair

Shirley M. Buafo
2006-2007: CBF Board Chair
2007-2008: Festival Chair

Lowell L. Register
2006-2007: Festival Chair
2007-2008: CBF Board Chair

William Lee Robinson*
2008-2009: Festival Chair
2009-2010: CBF Board Chair

C. Steve Farr
2010-2011: CBF Board Chair
2011-2012: Festival Chair

Thomas J. Wicker
2010-2011: Festival Chair
2011-2012: CBF Board Chair

George McCanless
2012-2013: Board Chair
2013-2014: Festival Chair

Cyndey Busbee
2012-2013: Festival Chair
2013-2014: Board Chair

General Bob McMahon
2014-2015: Festival Chair
2015-2016: Board Chair

Thomas Bacote
2014-2015: Board Chair
2015-2016: Festival Chair

Stacy Ingram
2015-2016: Festival Chair
2016-2017: Board Chair

Don Bailey
2016-2017: Festival Chair
2017-2018: Board Chair
2018-2019: Board Chair


*Designates Deceased

Hall of Fame Inductees

Carolyn Crayton

Charles A. Jay

William “Bill” Fickling II

Donald K. Miller

Dee Newton

Eddie Pruett*

Harold C. Weathers*

Dr. John O’Shaughnessey

Karen J. Lambert

*Designates Deceased