Cherry Trees

Yoshino Cherry Tree Blooming Patterns

As with all things Mother Nature, she is difficult to predict. Mr. Fickling has provided a guide for when to expect the blooms:

  • If we have a moderate winter followed by a moderate spring, then they will peak around the 23rd, and this is the most common weather pattern for Macon over my lifetime.
  • If winter is cold followed by a cold spring, we can expect a late bloom.
  • If the winter is cold, followed by a warm spring, then we expect an early bloom.
  • If winter is mild followed by a cold spring then we can expect a late bloom.
  • If the winter is mild followed by a mild spring, then we can expect an irregular/late bloom as we saw this past year.


Yoshino cherry trees in Macon typically bloom the last week of March depending on how cold the winter has been and when the temperatures begin to warm up. Their beautiful blooms last roughly two weeks if there isn’t an abundance of rain.

The Cherry Blossom Trail

If you have never experienced Macon in bloom, we highly recommend following the Cherry Blossom Trail, which guides visitors on a blossom-filled route throughout the city.

The Trail begins at the Visitor’s Center in lovely downtown Macon and includes Wesleyan Drive, home to the founder of the Festival, and where Carolyn Crayton envisioned thousands of trees being planted. You can follow the trail at your own pace, and you’ll enjoy glimpses of Macon’s many historic buildings. Macon contains 12 historic districts and over 6,500 structures that are designated on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Buy a Cherry Tree


Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful will be selling 4’-7’ Yoshino Cherry Trees at Carolyn Crayton Park throughout the Cherry Blossom Festival for $15 each.

Live Cherry Bloom Cam

This camera is located at Wesleyan College on Forsyth Road in Macon.

Use your mouse to zoom in and out.