2017 CBF Pin


Inspiration for the 35th Anniversary Pin

The inspiration for Mark’s design was based on the theme of “Love, Beauty and International Friendship.” He wanted to showcase both the cherry blossom and the heart in a unifying design to reiterate the love and beauty of the festival. The “35 in gold and bold” showcases the accomplishment of the 35th anniversary. The leaves represent the span of the festival, with the bottom leaf showing the founding year of 1982 and the top leaf representing the new growth and upward progression to 2017.

2017 Pin Artist

Mark Ballard, a Macon native, is well-known as an artist/designer, chef, writer as well as a television and internet personality. He has been involved with the Cherry Blossom Festival in various ways since its beginning. Mark has a BFF from the Atlanta College of Art and his paintings hang in public and private collections across the United States. Learn more about Mark at markballard.com

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