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Beautiful, crisp, clear, fall mornings beckon aviators to the skies; I could not resist. Bill Philips was standing next to his bright blue RV-8 waiting for our “Pink Baron” flight when I pulled up to the hangar. Soon we were taxiing for takeoff at Macon Downtown.

We turned on course and leveled off at three thousand feet, and there, on the horizon, was Lake Sinclair. It is nice to have a purpose of promoting the Cherry Blossom Festival, but, purposeful or not, this is fun, especially when you can share the experience with a fellow pilot who loves flying as much as you and appreciates God’s majesty.

The approach to runway 28 at KMLJ (Baldwin County) is over the lake. As we turned on final, a Georgia Natural Resources Ranger Helicopter let us know they were off the approach end of the runway observing an eagle’s nest. I just stayed high on the approach as Bill spotted them below maneuvering to check out the nest. Eagles fascinate me. For that matter, helicopters fascinate me.

We topped off our tanks, left our CBF promotion cards on the counter, and Kinney signed my Pink Baron flight jacket. Next stop was Dublin or KDBN.

As we lifted off and turned on course, I thought “What a well-kept, neat airport with good friendly service.” The community leaders in Milledgeville obviously understand the importance of a well-presented front door to their town.

The direct flight to Dublin was what pilots daydream about: smooth air, unlimited visibility, and just enough wind for a great landing.

We were warmly greeted; I got one more signature of the “Pink Baron” flight jacket and left our promotion cards on the counter.

The terminal at Dublin was first-class. Once again, someone in leadership understands the importance of putting your best foot forward.

This seems to be a re-occurring theme in Georgia. Although we live in the biggest state east of the Mississippi River, most communities can be reached by air.

We lifted off DBN and headed back to Macon Downtown. As we approached our city, I was captivated once again by her beauty. How fortunate we are to have a downtown airport!

For the land-bound, six miles from downtown may be seen outside the “downtown” area. Not so from the air.

We taxied to the hanger and I officially made Bill Phillips the Commander of the newly envisioned and soon-to-be Pink Baron Wing. Soon he will fly into an airport in his beautiful RV8 as an ambassador for the Pinkest Party on Earth!

I am looking forward to a Cherry Blossom Fly-in during the coming festival. Meanwhile, off we go to another airport. Maybe Petals can earn her wings on our next flight.

Happy flying!

Lee Robinson, The Pink Baron