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TimberWorks Lumberjack Show

March 27 - April 5
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March 27-April 5

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Presented by Drew Exposition

Central City Park

TimberWorks Lumberjack Shows formerly Scheers Lumberjack Shows is an exciting and entertaining adventure providing a unique blend of sports, history and comedy and includes an opportunity for the audience to experience a nostalgic logging competition of the early 1900’s.

For the past 25 years, TimberWorks Lumberjack Shows have attracted audiences of all ages.  The Show performs at over 45 venues across the country and draws live audiences of over 500,000 each year.  Crowd participation is encouraged, and at the end of each performance, one lucky fan takes home a wooden chair carved and autographed by one of our Lumberjacks.

Combining the romantic image of Paul Bunyan and the modern real life flesh and blood Lumberjack Athletes, each 30-45 minute show features top-world renowned athletes clad in checkered shirts and steel -toed boots, and a theatrical narration delivered by one of our announcers.

The Show includes such events as axe throwing, underhand and chopping, log rolling, cross cut sawing, hot sawing and chainsaw carving.  Old time Lumberjacks in the logging camps of North America used these century old skills.  To pass idle time, Lumberjacks would challenge each other in a head to head competition where their skills were put to the test.  Although technology and machinery have replaced manual labor, the skills are still used today by the Scheer’s the Lumberjack Show.

TimberWorks Lumberjack Shows have been featured on the ESPN Great Outdoor Games, ABC’s Wild World of Sports, TNN, ESPN Jeep Trails, Discovery Channel’s “The Travelers”  MTV’s Real World and Road Rules and the Family Channel, and a in hundreds of newspapers, and television/radio broadcasts, just to name a few.


Presented by:

Drew Exposition


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